Calf Strain

Calf muscle pain is a symptom of a common injury to the rear muscles of the lower leg usually due to a calf strain. It is an injury that is treated at Advanced Sports Chiropractic.

Calf pain can be due to a partial tear causing slight pain or loss of function, to a complete tear requiring surgery. Our Sports Chiropractor uses different treatment methods to treat a calf strain depending on the severity. Early care is vital to healing.

Calf Pain Treatment

Treatment may include:

  • soft tissue massage of calf muscles
  • ice or heat treatment and anti-inflammatory advice
  • rehabilitation exercises improve strength, flexibility or balance
  • joint correction of the feet, and lower back
  • custom orthotics
  • return to exercise plan

Patients with a minor calf muscle strain usually recover in two to four weeks. It may take four to six weeks or longer to recover from a more severe calf strain. A full tear of the calf muscle may take six months or longer to heal.

Early calf muscle strain treatment is essential.

calf strain

Calf Strain Causes

  • a pelvic imbalance changing the function of other joints, ligaments and muscles
  • most commonly occurs due to a sudden use of the muscle for
  • quick acceleration from a stationary position
  • lunging forward while playing tennis
  • common in running sports such as football and athletics
  • due to wear and tear from overuse e.g. due to distance running or repetitive jumping

A sudden sharp pain or pulling sensation is usually felt in the calf muscle.

Pain can increase during activities such as running, walking up stairs, general walking, jumping or standing on the toes.

At Advanced Sports Chiropractic  a full examination is usually sufficient to diagnose a calf muscle strain. Further investigations such as an ultrasound or MRI scan could be required to confirm diagnosis.

Patients with a calf strain recover well with Chiropractic care. Patient compliance is necessary for healing. This may include sufficient rest sufficiently from any activity, in order to not create further tissue damage.

Adopting a ‘no pain, no gain’ attitude will most likely to lead to a chronic condition of the injury. Early and the correct treatment of patients with a calf strain is vital for a quick recovery.

A strength and flexibility program provided our Sports Chiropractor will help the reconditioning of the calf muscle strain injury.