Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower back pain relief by our Sydney Chiropractor will depend on the cause.

It may include the following –

  • trigger point therapy and massage of tight muscles
  • strengthening and stretching  of the lower limb and spinal muscles, for example the hamstring, quadriceps, core muscles
  • reducing the swelling and inflammation
  • mobilization or adjustments of the spine and pelvis to restore normal movement

Visit us at Advanced Sport Chiropractic for an examination to identify the possible causes so that you can start the process of lower back pain relief. If your gait or posture is to blame, our Sydney Chiropractor may be able to achieve an improvement with the prescription of custom orthotics.

lower back pain relief

 Other Causes of Back Pain

Back pain may be present due to a motor vehicle accident, a sporting mishap, degeneration of the spine, or due  misalignments caused by poor posture.

A sedentary lifestyle is another common cause of back pain today due to working long hours in an office job. Extended periods of sitting that creates pressure brought about by incorrect posture, or a lack of muscle strength due to inactivity, are responsible for many cases of back pain.

If the spine is healthy and functioning correctly, the low back can withstand tremendous forces without injury. But if the low back has weakened supporting muscles or is out of alignment, then back pain can occur.

To find the source of your back pain , call us and arrange an appointment with our Sydney Chiropractor today.