Constant Headache

constant headache

A constant headache can affect most people at some point, and can be mild to debilitating in severity.

Pain may be experienced around the head or behind the eyes.  Some people feel a throbbing sensation inside the head accompanied with nausea. Light and noise sensitivities may also be present. The pain can be dull or quite sharp in nature. They may last for very short or quite extended periods of time. Not many have real serious causes. However if so, they will require immediate medical attention.

What Causes A Constant Headache

A variety of causes may lead to a constant headache. They include TMJ dysfunction, tight neck muscles, pinched nerves in the neck, or high blood pressure may all lead to a constant headache. Other reasons can include an adverse drug reaction, stress, fatigue, or a hangover. Poor diet or sleeping habits, excessive exercise and incorrect work posture can also cause a constant headache.

Types of Headaches

The most common types of headaches are:

  • Tension headaches – are the most common type. Feels like a tightened band across the head
  • Migraine headaches – are classically one sided pain and causes nausea and visual changes
  • Sinus headaches – causes pain behind the brows or cheekbone
  • Cluster headache  – a severe type that occurs periodically


 Headache Treatment

Headache treatment depends on the cause, frequency and the severity.

It may include:

  • massage of the scalp, neck and shoulders muscles
  • advice of specific exercises to decrease stress
  • improve mobility by mobilization or manipulation of the spinal joints
  • posture correction and education
  • recognising the triggers in order to stop the onset

In many instances, results are seen within weeks and a long term remedy is quite common.

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