Tension Headaches

tension headaches

Tension headaches are the most common headache type, affecting about of 75% of all sufferers. Tension headache treatments at Advanced Sports Chiropractic are aimed at relieving the underlying causes.

Tension headaches are often described as constant dull pains at one or both sides of the head. A feeling of a tight band around the head or behind the eyes may also occur.

The cause is most commonly from the spine, when neck  joints stiffen. This leads to an inflamed or pinched nerve in the neck causing pain or headaches. Tight muscles around the shoulders, scalp and neck are also common.

Tension Headaches Treatment

Treatment varies depending on the cause and severity. It may include:

  • neck, shoulder or scalp massage
  • rehabilitation exercises to improve neck mobility, strength and stability
  • mobilization or manipulation of the spine to remove pinched nerves
  • advice on postural correction
  • recognizing triggers of headaches to stop the onset
  • improving the ability to cope with stress

In many cases positive results are achieved within weeks and benefits are long lasting.