Pinched Nerve

Our Chiropractor has a wealth of experience in examining the spine and relieving a pinched nerve and related problems.

It can occur at any time, and can cause symptoms such as numbness, weakness, or sharp shooting pain. Usually what is called a pinched nerve, is actually an irritated or inflamed nerve.

Treatment for a pinched nerve initially requires a full examination. Our Sydney Chiropractor will then locate the areas of your spine where your nerves are being affected.

The treatment may include:

  • stretching and strengthening of muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • massage of tight muscles affected by the pinched nerve
  • mobilisations and spinal manipulations to restore normal movement of your spine
  • advice about exercise, proper posture, lifestyle habits, and ongoing spinal care to prevent future problems

 pinched nerve

Causes of Pinched Nerve

An inflamed nerve can heal fairly quickly. Causes may include bony spurs or bulging discs due to wear and tear. These then encroach the space where the nerve exits the spine, pushing against the nerve causing a pinch.

Injuries can also lead to the sudden onset of a pinched nerve in the lower back or in the neck. These are usually due to repetitive type movements such as lifting, twisting, sudden and explosive movements. Extended periods of typing on a keyboard can also cause this due to poor posture and changes bio mechanics of the spine.

A pinched nerve in the neck can cause weakness, pain or numbness down the shoulders into the hands. In the low back may result in weakness, pain or numbness down the back of the legs.

A consultation with our Sydney CBD Chiropractor may help solve the problem.

At Advanced Sports Chiropractic, we provide a gentle, effective and proven scientific approach to treatment.

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