TMJ Dysfunction

TMJ dysfunction is a common and often debilitating condition where symptoms arise from problems with the muscles or joints of the jaw.

TMJ Symptoms

Also known as TMJ disorder or TMJ syndrome, it usually begins as pain, stiffness or with clicking and popping noises in the jaw on movement.

If it is not treated early and effectively, TMJ disorder can continue to deteriorate leading to facial or ear pain, headaches, and difficulty with eating. Our Sydney Chiropractor is professionally trained to treat TMJ dysfunction.

By placing three fingers between your upper and lower teeth when opening your mouth,  you may self test for TMJ dysfunction. If you cannot fit all three fingers and you experience pain, it is possible you may have TMJ syndrome.

tmj dysfunction

Chiropractic Treatment of TMJ Dysfunction

Symptoms may be treated with Chiropractic care. An evaluation and treatment by our Sydney Chiropractor can help with TMJ symptoms by restoring joint function and improving muscle tone.

At Advanced Sports Chiropractic, treatment can involve:

  • specific facial muscle massage
  • TMJ joint mobilisation
  • stretching of ligaments
  • jaw movements and exercises
  • lifestyle habit and anti inflammatory advice

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