Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain may be due to many different causes. As the shoulder has the greatest range of motion of any joint, it tends to make it susceptible to an injury. There are many different types of shoulder injuries.

Frozen Shoulder

This refers to loss of arm movement at the shoulder joint combined with inflammation of muscles, ligaments and tendons which become thickened, called adhesive capsulitis causing shoulder pain.
Treatment for Frozen Shoulder may include:

  • soft tissue massage and friction therapy (ART)
  • anti-inflammatory advice such as ice or heat treatment, or medication
  • stretches and joint mobilization
  • specific rehabilitation program to improve strength and flexibility
  • advice on suitable exercise regimes and technique correction
  • bio-mechanical correction of the shoulder joint, blades, and upper spine
  • a return to activity plan

Early frozen shoulder treatment is vital for a speedy recovery.

Rotator Cuff Tendinitis

The rotator cuff tendon is a major source of shoulder pain and disability.  If it becomes inflamed (tendonitis) or torn, some movements of the shoulder are lost. Rotator cuff muscle pain is usually due to trauma or overuse movements.

Bursitis Impingement Syndrome

Bursas are fluid filled sacs that surround certain joints of the body and act as lubrication between tissues or bony surfaces. The bursa can become inflamed or pinched which in turn will produce pain and some limited movement of the shoulder. Slight swelling and heat production may be felt.

Referred Pinched Nerve

When joints stiffen and are inflamed in the neck, it may produce a pinched nerve. The nerves which supply information to the muscles cause them to go into spasm and weaken. This can also cause shoulder pain due to referral from an inflamed nerve.

Other causes of shoulder injury include an A/C joint separation, shoulder dislocation or arthritis.

shoulder pain

Shoulder Pain Treatment

Treatment depends on the type and severity of the shoulder injury. At Advanced Sports Chiropractic we provide treatment that enhances healing and reduces the chance of recurrence.

Treatment may comprise of:

  • massage and friction therapy (ART) of affected muscles
  • advice to reduce inflammation, for e.g. ice, heat or medication
  • stretching and joint mobilization
  • custom rehabilitation exercises to improve flexibility and strength
  • advice on general exercise programs
  • bio-mechanical correction of the upper spine, shoulder joint, and blades
  • a return to activity plan

A professional and accurate diagnosis of a shoulder injury is required to determine the source of the problem. At Advanced Sports Chiropractic our Sydney Chiropractor will first examine your shoulder to determine the cause of your problem. Then a treatment program is formulated to get great results.Sports Chiropractic is a great way to assist people to better performance as well as helping recovery from injuries.

At Advanced Sports Chiropractic we provide treatments to assist recovery at the site of injury and also for any other underlying causes that may be contributing. We aim to achieve a more complete resolution of the injury to avoid recurrence.